How may I help you?


By using coaching I can bring a positive impact in community and in your life. I will help you to discover yourself, to look at yourself with kind eyes but critical, to invest your time and energy in developing yourself and your business. If you want to improve the performance of your business, to create a pleasant environment but productive, favorable to your personal and your team development, I will contribute with my experience. This will help you and your talented team of managers, experts, colleagues to develop through:

  • Personal motivation;
  • Self-awareness - understanding your personal abilities, your strong and weak points and most of all how these affects you and influence the others;
  • Self-regulation - monitor and control behavior, emotion and thoughts to adapt to different circumstances;
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence (in performance terms);
  • Flexible thinking, openness to change;
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Empowerment - the power of decision and action;
  • Ability of efficient communication with your team;
  • Performance management based on trust;
  • The Power of Leadership


Everything in life is about choices, wisdom, education and assuming these choices. Today's decision consequences will be seen in tomorrow's evolution. As a mentor, I will use my personal and professional experience and I will show you how to develop:

  • Understanding and assuming your chosen role;
  • The ability and courage to express your ideas in front of an audience;
  • To be professional regardless your role;

I can help you:

  • If you are at the beginning of your journey or at a cross-road that requires adapting to change;
  • If you are a new member in a team, you have been recently promoted and you have to adapt to your new role;
  • If you want to give your career a new life;
  • If you want to establish your medium and long term path;
  • If you want to develop your abilities in order to reach your full potential;
  • If you are juggling with all your roles assumed and imposed by society: daughter/son, parent, spouse, entrepreneur / professional and want to create space for yourself;
  • If you want to develop as individual and professional.


50 years of life experience, 30 years of career out of which more than 20 years as top management in corporations. It is the time to share from my experience to the ones open to learning, to personal and professional development. I do this with joy, enthusiasm and confidence using my experience, my flexible thinking but above all my strong principles.



General Management | People Management | Business Strategy | Mentorship | Career Development | Personal and professional motivation  | Leadership 


De-a lungul anilor am împărtășit din experința mea profesională și personală pe scena conferințelor, a evenimentelor și prin interviurile date către publicații precum: ZF, Wall Street, The Woman, Revista Biz, Forbes etc.