About Me

Integrity. Responsibility. Work. Continuous Learning. I wish to help the people around me to understand that they are sole responsible for the course they give to their own life. Throughout our life our most important work is our own being.

50 ani experiența de viață, 30 ani experiența profesională, din care aproape 20 de ani în poziții de top management. Un om ancorat în realitate, cu perspectiva de ansamblu, care înțelege mecanismele cu ajutorul cărora îți poți atinge obiectivele. A venit momentul să împărtășesc din experiențele mele celor care sunt deschiși să învețe și să se dezvolte personal și profesional.

Who am I?


  • A regular person, well educated at home, having a tremendous respect for work and for people and having a desire for continuous evolution;
  • I am grateful to have had a family in which I grew safely and a mother that taught me dignity, independence , decency and grit;
  • A parent concerned by his child future in a mad world;
  • A child concerned about his parents quality of life;
  • A grownup eager to continuously learn and to contribute to the community;
  • A woman juggling with a plethora of roles, hoping to succeed in being a good professional, a great parent, a good wife and its own fulfilled self;
  • An optimistic person having the full glass perspective;
  • A person detesting lies;

Who am I not?


  • I am not a crybaby and I do not encourage self-pity;
  • I do not believe in bad luck, in fatalism, and other limiting beliefs;
  • I will not waste my time with people searching excuses in bad luck, faith or other factors outside their control. I will not waste time with people not determined to put in the work to evolve and improve;
  • I am not Saint George, I cannot slay dragons, but I can arm you with the tools to fight it successfully;
  • We are not eternal and time is our most precious resource. I want to invest my time in people with clean hearts,, that strive to make their life better, to learn, to evolve and are willing to work for it;

My story, with diploma and beyond it:


  • I am a diplomat engineer, I graduated from University "Politehnica" in Bucharest. I completed in-depth training in People Management, General Management, Strategic Marketing, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Business, Organizational Behavior of the Canadian Romanian MBA. In 2013 I graduated Aegon Executive Leadership developed by Duke Corporate Learning and Fuqua School of Business of Duke University.
  • In 2010 I joined Aegon Romania, an insurance and private pensions company, where I am the Country Executive Officer.
  • Before 2010 I was the President of the Administration Committee of Signal Iduna Romania, the German company specialized in life and health insurance. Between 2004-2008 I was the Commercial VP of Eureko/Interamerican (Insurance and pensions). Before this, between 1995-2003 I worked at ING starting from IT Officer and evolving to Executive Director Group Insurance.
  • I was fortunate to be part of unique projects like: introduction to Romania of the first electronic payments system (Multicash, 1995), the launch of the concept of Employee Benefits and ING Offices, also introduction of worksite marketing concept in ING.
  • The most dear and challenging projects so far were the launch of the first health insurance and of the first private Hospital in Romania, Euroclinic - today part of Regina Maria - Pilon 2 pensions in Eureko, the launch of Signal Iduna and raising it to 3-rd place in only 9 months having a 76% market share. To this date, the management of Aegon, the only bancassurance company in Romania and preferred by its clients for the quality of services, received the Consumer Choice Winning Brand in 2019.
  • In 2016 I accepted the Transylvanian CEO of the Year Award from The Woman Leadership Conference, and in 2019 I was awarded the "Women that changes Romania " prize given by Piata Financiara Magazine, awards that honor me.
  • Starting with 2018 I started to prepare thoroughly to be an outstanding coach and mentor. coach Beyond my life and professional experience essential for this field, I studied with one of the most renowned and well-regarded coach in Romania, Viorel Apetrei - ICF member and I continued to study at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

During this time...

  • I stayed true to my values and my principles learned at home.
  • I continued to learn and I built my coaching practice with honesty, responsibility, respect and work. I prepared myself to share my experience and knowledge with you:

Over 20 years working as a manager in financial services:

  • I built sales teams for performance:
  • I led multi-discipline teams;
  • I managed difficult situations leading my teams;
  • I structured and re-structured departments, divisions, organizations;
  • I started corporations from zero;
  • I managed top 10 corporations.